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Sunday, 25 September 2011 | 13:04 | 0 comments
hhmmm today i was hangout with my beloved friends name DIYANAH DAUD . PUTRI . HAIQAL . ASHRAF HARITH and ADAM (that's boyfie putri) . me and my friends go to the TIMES SQUARE and we playing a COSMO WORLD together .it's really fun playing together with friends rite??we can laugh together make some joke and more :) actually i'm bring my friends go to the TS because i want to spent time together with someone that i like or should i call <3 hee..but's it's okay today i belanje dowank hee saje nak happy2 hee..but best...hhmmm the things is..i though today was the best day ever or should i call my happening day in my life..hhmmm but i dont know why i'm crying!!!that time at TS..hhmmm it's because i love you so much and i need you to be mybby for ever dear..when i ready ur texting at the phone(blackberry)hhmm tbe2 jea i rase hati nie sedih sngt biler bce text tue..hhmm yla u say cyg2 and noty2 lgy with that gurl and rmi lgy kot gurl u text..elok2 :) (happy) jd :( (not in mood)u tau kn i syg u sngt2 hhmm..tp ape bole buat i tak brhak na mara u semua..sbb i'm not yours..i cume syg kn u.. and u should know that..memang i tau rmi lagy boy's kt luar sane na kt i..tp i tanak..sbb mcm2 boy i dh penah jmpe u :( hhhmm enth ar.. and should know i snggp spent time ngn u semua smpi mama i pukul2 i semua..betape skitnye kne pukul ngn mama tp demi kwn n u i snggp spent time together...hhmm ikot you lah k.. hmm lgy pun u dh text i u say " i nie mmg xlyak kowt na jdi bf u , rmi agy sane yg na at u . N i'm not ready 4 this year tok cpl2 . tmbh2 agy time ckang . i nk tension lam kpla nie hilang btw i'm so sry " hhmm thts u wish for??i will BACKOFF from your life okay..if u have any gurls that u love ?? just go wth her and i hope u happy with her :) i'm just want to see u happy.. oh dont worry about me..lgy pun i kn skit :) it's okay..thanks for everything and i love you so much -_-' 

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