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i want someone special for me :(
Friday, 9 September 2011 | 02:27 | 0 comments

i want someone special for me..but it's hard to find it :(,tahun nie raya dgn without any special person..SEDIHNYE :(HMMM.. kalau bole i nak org yg bole jge i,syg i,sentiasa ade dgn i,tak cepat bosan,funny,caring and more lah..i tringin jgk nak ade sweet cple nie..but bler i tngk pic org mcm jelez plk and  ALAAAA sweetnye dowank nie and comey jea...HHHHMMM :( tak tahu lah bler bole mcm nie ..but now i'm just FOCUS on study dlu..mybe lps SPM bru cple..MYBE lah..HAHA..i ade suke seseorg nie tp alaaa..enth ar..tak tahu nak ckp mcm ner..hhmmm....that's all :( sedih tau..

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