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thanks for coming yeah :)
Sunday, 25 September 2011 | 12:34 | 0 comments
sri rampai

hey guy's thanks for coming to myhouse yeah!!i'm very thankful for all of you..heee by the way..thanks again..it's really fun to meet all of my beloved friends at sch . finas . old friends . facebook friends . and petsis/petbro . and also cousin wink3 ^_^ memang ramaii ar dtg..meriah sngt2 hee tp rugi ar tak sempat snap picture :( sedih tau..tak ape ar..janji korank dtg..grr sngt korank sngt2 hee..yg kwn2 stay kat umah lama i , D . PUTRI . ASHRAF . HAIQAL . thank you again..sumpah ouh memang syg korank hee..kpd ya ta dtg umah tue memang rugi tau..hee mymum ksi duit raya lagi..walaupun yg dh brumur pun dpt duit raya tau hahah jgn men2 :P tape lah rezeki korank kan..alhamdulillah janji kte enjoy.. ;) ur guy's so awesome and the best...LOL dont forget me yeah..i never forget about the memory that we do together.. <3 
promise me that u guy's never forget about me someday yeah..

p/s : i love you guy's so so so so much hee <3 <3 

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